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The Puppy plan

This is a programme that has been created by the Kennel Club, combined with a dog trainer and behaviourist. It is a new initiative to help ensure each puppy has the very best start to life. We aim to rear all our puppy kids along the lines of this plan.

For more information on this please contact us. We will aim for your puppy to have been on 7 different surfaces, met 7 different people, played with 7 different toys, heard 7 loud and unexpected noises and been to and eaten in 7 different locations. These are just a few of the things that we will aim to do with your puppy kid.

What puppy comes to you with:

Puppy will have recently been health checked by our vets. They will also have received the first vaccination and, where appropriate, micro chipped. If KC you will also receive their Kennel Club document and insurance. You will also have paperwork on how we’ve cared for puppy etc. You will have a contract of sale which has been drawn up along the lines of the KC ABS. Included in it will be time for you to take your puppy to your vets for a health check. If anything is found to be wrong with your puppy kid, that is not covered by insurance or been declared, we will give you a full refund. In the unfortunate situation that you can no longer keep your puppy/dog you must contact us before rehoming. We will always help you find your dog another home or have it back. We would hate to think of your dog, that we have lovingly bred, being passed from home to home.

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