Refund and Rehoming
Although puppy will have been recently checked by our vet, you have a set number of hours to take your puppy to your vet and if your vet finds a health problem we will refund your money. We would ask for a letter from your vet stating that this was a pre-existing condition prior to purchase and puppy is not covered under the insurance policy. Any injury, illness or veterinary problem that occurs from the time you purchase your puppy should be covered by the insurance policy that is provided by us free of charge. In the case of any puppy being returned on these grounds we will offer you a full refund or another puppy where possible. There are more details on this in the contract of sale which you will have at the time of sale.
If you are in the position that you are unable to keep your puppy or adult dog of any age will you please let us know. If you are unable to find her a loving caring family home, we will have her back and care for her. We would possibly rehome her where we feel appropriate. Please contact us first.  I’ve used her in this section as it can’t be a mix of them and him. Him/her looks clumsy so I’ve gone for her...must be my feminist tendencies!
All the above is on the grounds that puppy is returned to us in good health with all the relevant paper work, at your own cost.
If you need to rehome your Labrador of any age, for any reason whatsoever, PLEASE, PLEASE, contact us! Please don't pass them around.
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