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Hercwood Aisla Of Wilarklodge (Kess)



I purchased Kess in December 2001. She was my gift to Wayne, she wasn’t just for Christmas, she was for her life, which we were honored and grateful to have been part of.  Kess was the foundation for all that we have now, her lines will hopefully go on for a long time.  She was a very special gift. 

For us, Kess’s first and foremost job is as a family pet & companion, living in the house with us. In her younger day when time allowed she went out working which included rough shooting and beating. Due to our other commitments she  only had a very limited amount of training. She had a very willing & trainable temperament and unfortunately for Kess she hasn’t had the opportunity to fulfil her full potential as a working dog.

In August of 2004 she had her only litter of puppies. She had 10 in all and unfortunately number 10 was still born. Kess reared her 9 children without any problems and did them all very well. They went as pets, show and working dogs. We kept 3 back, a black bitch Wilarklodge Black Velvet (Tia); a black dog, Wilarklodge Black Jack (Jake); and a yellow bitch, Wilarklodge Foxylady (Foxy) who went on to win Crufts (GK Section) Best Labrador Bitch 2008. 

On April the 28th 2018,  whilst the children were in school, we made the truly heartbreaking decision for Kess to go to sleep one last time. Wayne was with her on the very first day when I bought her home, and he held her while she took her last breath. She left a massive hole in our hearts that we will never fill.  The worst parts of having  a furry family is when you say goodbye. We have her ashes with us in our living room and we continue with her lines, and see her characteristics go on, giving us and lots of other families so much joy and love.

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