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Health Test & Dog Selection

Before we breed from our girls we make sure that they have been hip & eye tested and we also only use well bred dogs that have been hip & eye tested, and elbows, where tested. Some dogs and bitches have also been DNA tested clear from CNM & PRA. We are aiming to CNM and PRA test our stud dogs in due course. The dogs that we use include bloodlines that are very well trained and are successfully competing to a high level in field trials. The reason that we choose this type of dog to sire our puppies is that we know our bitches are happy and very healthy with excellent temperaments and, although they don’t get out to work as much as we would like due to our other commitments, we know our girls are very trainable.
Where possible we use our own dogs, but if for some reason (e.g. ours are too young or closely related to a certain bitch) we choose to use a stud dog from away, we might not know him on a personal basis. Obviously the dog plays a huge part in the health, temperament & conformation of the puppy. We carefully select the dog to suit the type of bitches that we have. For the dogs to be regularly working and possibly competing we feel that they must be fit, healthy & strong and have excellent trainable temperaments to stand up to the demands that regular work will require.

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