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Why we chose a Labrador Retriever

When we decided that we were going to purchase a dog we wanted to have one that we could all enjoy as a family.
We wanted a breed that would live in the house and also suit our outdoor life style, be able to do a hard day’s work and possibly show when time allows.
Most important of all, we wanted our dog to be happy to be a pet & enjoy cuddles & fuss, have an excellent reliable temperament and enjoy the company of young children. For these reasons we chose a Labrador.

The first Labrador to join our family was Hercwood Aisla of Wilarklodge, (Kess). We purchased her in December 2001. She has had one litter of puppies, we kept three back and the others went for pets, show and working. We still have Kess; she’s now an elderly girl but is perfectly sound, very active and fit, and has good eye sight and nose! As she is our foundation stock, it is proof that we have bred from healthy dogs.

The children take their responsibilities very seriously, regularly feeding the Labradors, giving them one biscuit at a time!
Kien enjoys taking the dogs to local shows and he took Foxy to a local dog show and did very well.

We breed because we really enjoy our dogs and puppies. It is our aim to breed a well-bred, healthy, happy and well socialised puppy and we hope that puppy will be happy to be your pet/companion and will have the bloodlines and quality that will work & show well.

As we breed very few litters we are able to invest as much time as we can into the puppies and they are regularly out with us, coming for walks round our fields. They are used to other dogs, horses, our cats and chickens. All our adults and puppies are used to children of a very young age stroking and playing amongst them.

We find that our puppies find new homes very quickly. To avoid disappointment please keep a regular watch on our website. Our biggest compliment is when people that have bought a puppy from us, come to buy from us again, or recommend us to a friend.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for answers to any questions not covered on our website or to register your interest in buying a puppy from us. We are happy for you to put your name on our waiting list.
What is a Labrador?
A Labrador can be eyes, as a guide dog to the blind.
A Labrador can be ears, as a hearing dog for the deaf.
A Labrador can be a nose, as a sniffer dog for the police,
A Labrador can be a trusted companion, for young and old.
A Labrador can be best in show, time and time again.
A Labrador can be a working companion out in the field.
A Labrador can be all of these, as they are!!
Intelligent, loyal, hard working, eager to learn, trusting, loving dogs
To our family they are the ultimate dog!

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