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Price depends on bloodlines, age and training, but as a a guide, 

Younger furkids; Puppies up to 10 weeks  Starting from £795.00

Older Furkids, 12 weeks to 12 months, Starting from £950.00 (12 weeks), these are fully vaccinated. Please note prices will increase as age training, and education progresses due to time and money involved.

Price Increase; We apologise for the price increase, but sadly we have had to put our prices up in line with price increases that have been passed down to us in our quest to produce puppies of this quality.

Loyalty, if you have purchased a furkid from us before and are coming back for another of our adorable furry family, we will offer a discount as a thank you for your continue support.

A deposit secures the puppy of your choice. You will receive confirmation of your payment.  We are sorry, we will not hold a puppy until we have received a deposit.

We apologise for the price increase, but sadly we have had to put our prices up in line with price increases that have been passed down to us in our quest to produce puppies of this quality. 

Please take a look at the for sale page for individual price of litter.  Please don’t hesitate to or contact us to see what litters we have planned.

We appreciate that you will find cheaper than our fur kids, however just a few things to bare in mind. For the reputable breeders who care about the breed they are breeding and are working hard to provide quality dogs, both physically and mentally, that will be an asset to the breed and your home, there is a LOT of time, money, thought and commitment that we as a the breeder of your furkid puts into their program before a puppy is even born!!

Some of the outgoing to be considered, is the health tests, these include KC Assured Breeders Scheme Registration, Hip and Elbow tests, Eye tests, Hereditary tests, vets fees, transport costs, heating and top quality specialised food, toys, blankets, KC reg, microchipping,  puppy pack, round the clock commitment and care, the list goes on, and we love what we do, that said, the costs do mount up very fast to give our pets the life they deserve.

Our bloodlines, We believe that its very important to use the best and most suitable bloodlines that we can to compliment what we aim to breed. For our life living on a small holding, with our young children that enjoy walks, and the general outdoor life, and family time sitting and cuddling our furry family, we find the working lines that we are using suite our lifestyles the best. You may not want to work your pets, but you will appreciate the trainability, soundeness, common sense, looks, temperament that has all been carefully selected in our bloodlines to make your much loved reliable pet and companion that will hopefully offer you many years of love and enjoyment.

The boys that we have purchased to compliment our girls have come from top class bloodlines, which have been bred with with competition in mind. The priority qualities that are needed in a competition dog, which include, trainability, reliability, health and fitness and quality. With these qualities,  with all the health tests in mind, the many years of training and competition that have gone into generation of family to produce reliable and top quality  dogs, we have paid a considerable amount of money to purchase one of these puppies as our potential stud dogs.  These are the lines that we have selected and waited for to compliment our girls in breeding your pets.

Working your pets; in your pedigree you will see many Field Trial Champions ( FTCH)  and field trail Winners (FTW) which you will be able to google the names and see how your pets family have been doing. , although you may well not want to work you pet as a gun dog, you will appreciate the qualities that they offer, including, fitness, trainibilty, reliability, they have also been bred from generations of DNA and hereditary tested lines, to help ensure a happy health furry friend.

A deposit secures the puppy of your choice. You will receive confirmation of your payment. 

All our puppies are KC registered, Microchipped, insured, vet health checked and first full vaccination.  They come to you with a letter of how we have cared for them,  plenty of advice on  flea treatment, exercising, worming, feeding, crate training and lots more, a bag off the food they are weaned on, a record of worming and vaccination, a collar and lead & lead, a blanket. We are always on the end of the phone to answer any of your questions and happy to give advice where we can. 

All our girls and boys are health tested and have excellent results.  We are happy for you to have them DNA tested to their parents & grandparents.  We have a number of family generations here for you to meet.  

Visiting the furkids; Our furkids are open to visitors after their first full vaccinaties, (approx 6 weeks)

Leaving for their new home; they then can go to their new home from 8 to 10 weeks, but we only allow them to go if we feel that they are ready for their new adventure.

Older furkids: These are  fully vaccinated and the ideal choice for the new owner wanting to get out and about immediately, with the ability to do more that a very young furkid. They will have had 2 full vaccinations and 2 vet health checks.

We often keep furkids back form a litter and let then grow on under our care and supervision.  They will start their lead training and walking the roads and local bridle paths, playing in lots of mud and puddles along the way!! Our children and their friends will have also taken them out and about. I walk them up to the local school to meet our children.   They will go out on their own and in company, they will also meet up and walk out with other dogs, all helping to broadening the experiences of our furkids.     These are the ideal choice for the new owner that wants to get out and about immediately.

Vets: We are more than happy for you to contact our vets or we are happy to contact them on your behalf, to arrange for our vets to carry out an examination on your behalf and at your cost. This may be the ideal choice for a purchaser from afar.

The vets are often visit our property to routinely vaccinate horses, the regular vets generally know all our furry family and are happy to talk to you to reassure you all is done as it should be here.  Please appreciate they are very busy, and may take a time to arrange a call at mutual time.

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