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Here at Wilarklodge Labradors we are the proud owners & breeders of Yellow and Black Labradors.

Our vets regularly attend our property as part of routince to vaccinate horses etc. We also have the vets out to do puppy chekcs and see mums and dad’s. and where the dogs are kept. We know each and every one of our fabulous Labradors as individuals. They are all very special to us and have their own individual personalities. We have our darling Labrador, Foxy and two Jack Russles, Mutzy & Ziggy, living in the house, but for practical reasons we cant have any more in the house. We have two blocks of kennels which have been purpose built and are next to our stables. Our girls live two to a kennel in one block and the boys live in the opposite block of kennels with one dog to each kennel. By day, weather permitting we have a small paddock situated just outside our kitchen where the dogs play and enjoy a siesta in the sun. There are 14 acres of land surrounding our property where the dogs are exercised and enjoy play time with our children. I spend the majority of my time on the yard and the dogs spend most of their day with us round our horses and our children. They enjoy rolling around and playing with our children. Both Kien and Petrina spend hours playing with the Labradors, taking them for walks, fussing them and generally enjoying being together and investigating new things. By day the outdoor dogs have a free run in to the porch,separated from our kitchen by a baby gate, and by night they sleep in the kennels with a nice warm bed. I will often walk up to the local primary school with a Labrador or two to fetch Kien & Petrina at home time.
In the shoot season, if time allows, Wayne aims to get one or two days a week beating, taking different dogs. During the summer the children love taking the dogs to fun shows, which is often combined with us taking the horses to competitions.

Puppy Paradise

We have a purpose built puppy area, situated by our back door that has a purpose built kennel which has been especially insulated and heated. From here the puppies have direct access into our garden and kitchen and have a great time playing with the children and getting used to the home environment. They also learn to live in an enclosure with a purpose built kennel, should you need them to do so at your property. We also have pen that we put up in our kitchen, this is the ideal situation for more socialising and mums whelping. We like our puppies to be an asset to any home and be a much loved family member. Therefore we try to give them as much life experience as we can, so that they are bold, fun loving, sociable puppies when they go to their new home.

Please contact us for answers to any questions, not covered on our website, or to register your interest in buying a puppy from us.

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